Warehousing (system integratioLogisticsValue-added services
Warehousing (system integratio
Warehouse Management System(WMS |
WMS is connected with upper system to realize the management of tasks including goods warehousing, goods ex-warehouse, stock-taking, inventory, quality inspection, goods delivery. Flexible deployment through strategy can quickly meet continuous development and changes of business needs, and realize quality traceability of warehouse goods through batch management, and provide graphical inventory of warehouses and realize intelligent management of warehousing business.
• Reduce the labor intensity of workers and reduce the inventory of warehouse SKU.
• Improve warehousing production efficiency and order accuracy.
• Reduce execution equipment in warehouses, thus reduce goods storage space and the cost for paper used for customer signing.
• Improve order fulfillment rate and increase flexibility of warehouse operations.

Warehouse Control System(WCS |
WCS is connected with upper system to realize intelligent dispatching and control management of equipment, with main functions include task management, equipment dispatching, equipment monitoring, logistics monitoring, fault prompt, operation records, etc.
• Realize intelligent dispatching of equipment through load balancing, priority tasks, etc.;
• Provide visual equipment monitoring, real-time task monitoring and feedback of performance execution;
• Provide equipment fault log and fault alarm.

Logistics Management Integrated SystemLMIS |
Based on supply chain management model, LMIS is responsible for logistics task execution, logistics task coordination, logistics operation process monitoring, logistics resource management, logistics service evaluation, comprehensive benchmarking and standard implementation, and statistical analysis of logistics data.
• Realize horizontal business integration, vertical management implementation, interconnection between upstream and downstream subsystems, and coordination between parallel subsystems;
• Realize task visualization, smart dispatching, standardized assessment, and refined cost;
• Realize a unified platform, unified distribution, unified resources, unified accounting, and unified assessment;
• Comprehensively improve the efficiency of logistics operations and promote the level of lean logistics management.

VMI/HUB  Distribution |

VMI/HUB warehousing and distribution can provide high-end manufacturing customers and their upstream and downstream suppliers with warehousing services and value-added supporting services,: integrate all resources of upstream material suppliers, integrate small quantity of goods into large quantity of goods, and offer material-supplier management service for high-end manufacturing customers (In addition to production management, also supplier management), ensure timeliness (line-stop due to shortage of material / lack of material), address quality issues (supply of too much material / insufficient material / material damage), implement unified, central and professional distribution, and realize goods warehousing without labels, provide labeling service, meet customer order requirements, provide package division and integration service.

SLC Warehouse Distribution |
Chefuwang has a large-scale three-dimensional warehouse in Shanghai e-commerce gathering place, being equipped with advanced and perfect operation equipment, WMS storage system to provide warehousing management, order response, order booking, acceptance inspection, listing, tallying, inventory management, sold-out, sorting, packaging, order distribution and other services.

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